Challenges Faced by Working Parents, Travelling Parents, Expatriate Parents

Challenges Faced by Working Parents, Travelling Parents, Expatriate Parents

Parents of today’s generation, face different challenges from parents of a decade ago. A decade ago children would return home by 3.30 given both the child and parent ample of time to study, play and develop hobbies. Perhaps they have been picked up by a driver or a parent, or even by school bus. This is because even if they travelled long distances, there was not the density of traffic as there is today. So travel time was shorter. They would still have plenty of time to play outdoors, go out with their families and still have time for homework.

Moreover today in most of the families both parents are working professional that leaves very less space for family time. Parents today are lucky if see their children between 6 pm and 10 pm (4 hours) and luckier if they could have half an hour before school. Traffic snarls and road conditions have led to these extended travel times. Many International Schools are located beyond city limits or in the outskirts, this with the scorching traffic and early schedules creates a need to start school very early.

Having both father and mother working these days, it poses other challenges. Imagine a morning scenario with mother trying to push breakfast down junior’s throat while simultaneously getting ready for work and Father shouting for his clothes also trying to get ready, and the school bus hooting outside.

Think also of another context: You have just come into India from overseas, you are worried about your child’s schooling, you are not sure about the culture, you wonder if your child will fit in, if the food will agree with your child, if school will be anything like it is in your home country.

Still another scenario: You have lived and worked overseas many years and are now returning to India. You are bombarded with a plethora of ‘International” schools all selling similar produce. You are not quite convinced about whether the promise of their glossies will really be realities.

JustInternationalSchools was therefore started with an aim to provide first hand information about any International Schools across the world. And this first hand information would be coming straight from the first experiencer of truly inside information that is a School teacher, staff member at school or an students parent.

JustInternationalSchools, with its experienced educator-teacher-parent-alumni team has worked out some solutions to the challenges mentioned by offering the following:

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  • Ask questions, Discuss, Share and connect with teachers having experiences in different International Schools
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